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11 Questions: Heretic: A Memoir by Jeanna Kadlec

Restorative, queer, unfuckablewith. 

11 Questions: Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology by Ed Simon

Unnerving, uncanny, unsettling.

11 Questions: Martha Moody by Susan Stinson

Buttery. Corporal. Reverent.

11 Questions: IRL by Chris Stedman

IRL takes the shame out of our dependence on the internet and helps us imagine new kinds of consolation and community for a fragmented and sometimes lonely world.

11 Questions: Beyond the Synagogue by Rachel B. Gross

Rachel B. Gross’s engrossing new book looks “beyond the synagogue” to find religious practice in museums, restaurants, and children’s books. Through years of wide-ranging travel, conversations, and reading, Rachel has written a book that has so much to tell us not just about Jewish experiences and identities in the US but about what nostalgia is…

11 Questions: The Secret Life of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw

“My mother made a peach cobbler so good, it made God himself cheat on his wife.”

Halloween: Your Questions, Answered

Halloween’s origins lie in the Celtic mists of carved turnips, bonfires and celebrations of life and death. It’s always been a fun/spooky time of year since, of course, the flipside of  harvest is utter desolation and fleece socks. The Irish brought Halloween to America, where it became a children’s holiday. Tots were free to wear…

A KtBirthday Celebration!

Dear KtBniks, You are invited to a very special KtBirthday Celebration! As legend has it, Killing the Buddha was founded by Peter Manseau and Jeff Sharlet on November 13, 2000, in the earliest days of the internet. Miraculously, after various reincarnations and resurrections, KtB is still alive! On Saturday, November 13, 2021, at 7 pm…

Killing the Buddha


Our Daily Bread and Roses – An Interview with Ben Wildflower by Ed Simon | September 15, 2021 | sinners and saints About three or four years ago, I began to see a strange, arresting, and beautiful image circulate among some of my Twitter and Facebook friends-a stark white and black agit-prop expressivist engraving of…


As legend has it, Killing the Buddha was founded on November 13, 2000, in the earliest days of the internet.

Sometimes You Want to Go

If only we could find a way to live together.

For Christ Was Born in a Refugee Camp

An icon must be thought of as a divine portal in its own right, charged with the transcendent. That makes it all the more powerful when an icon explicitly condemns a contemporary injustice.

Young Evangelicals Fighting for Climate Action

For students at this top evangelical college, loving God means protecting creation. That includes dealing with the human sources of climate change.

When A Guru Says “Get Over Yourself,” Beware

#MeToo moments in Buddhism and psychotherapy.

Evangelical Anxiety

We did not do therapy. “Psychoheresy,” some called it.

KtB in person, this Sunday at AAR San Antonio!

Religion-scholar friends of KtB, please join us at the American Academy of Religion conference this weekend for an exciting and (if we do say so ourselves) eminently necessary conversation about religion writing on the Internet, the good, the bad, the trolls, the future. Buddha-killer Kali Handelman of The Revealer and NYU’s Center for Religion and…

Killing the Buddha

An Open Letter to The Antioch Review

Dear Antioch Review, In your May 5th statement regarding the essay, “The Sacred Androgen: The Transgender Debate” by Daniel Harris, you celebrate an admittedly “deeply offensive” essay for “stirring debate.” In doing so, you note that a “key Antiochian value” is to offer a forum for free expression, to encourage critical thought and dialogue. I…

Not Weird Enough

According to the author of a new Catholic handbook, eucharistic adoration should be the new yoga.