David Plante

David Plante is the author of the novels The Ghost of Henry James, The Family (nominated for The National Book Award), The Woods, The Country, The Foreigner, The Native, The Accident, Annunciation, and The Age of Terror. He has had stories and profiles in The New Yorker, and features in The New York Times, Esquire and Vogue.

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A Meaningful Story

From Essential Stories: God, Love, Death, Joy, Suffering, Beauty.

A Movement in the Soul

From Essential Stories: The inconceivable immaculately conceived.


From Essential Stories: What is the essence of being?

Essential Stories

I like to think of Blaise Pascal, though fiction didn’t much concern him, when trying to understand why fiction has more and more been reduced to details of quotidian life as against a vision of universal life, of essential life. Contemporary fiction seems to be locked in nothing but details, though at one time in…

The Meaning of Rain

From Essential Stories: Angels are weeping.

Holy Mother of God

She knows the truth about where God comes from.