Elle Goff

Elle Goff is a disabled writer, starting out on what will be her fifth career change in a long history. From pumping gas to being a machinist to being a technical writer, she has done a bit of everything. She studied Philosophy at Southwest Texas State University, now known as Texas State, though was unable to complete her degree. After a stroke, she turned to writing essays, short stories, and novels. Her work has appeared Sapphic Voices, a site for lesbian authors to present their work. Her fantasy and science fiction stories usually deal with gay characters and their life experiences in the realms of the fantastic.

Recent Posts by Elle

An Unbeliever’s Morality

One of the things that atheists, as well as many pagans get from “believers” is the admonition that, if you don’t have faith, then you can’t have morality. In general I look these simpleminded people in the eye and respond, “If you need a religion in order to have morals then you’re not a very…