Emma Bailey

Emma Bailey is an artist and associate film producer in San Francisco, where she works on documentaries and new media projects at Citizen Film. Since Valentine's Day 2008, Emma has variously delighted and dismayed friends and relatives with her holiday photo email series. Emma's 2013 Valentine launched the series into the KtBlog-o-Sphere.

Recent Posts by Emma


You may remember the fateful day, 5 years ago, when Mrs. Hannah Hubbard tried to rise from her grave where she lay buried since 1747, in Concord, Massachusetts. Very spoooooky. . . . Happy Halloween!

Break An Egg

I love confetti eggs. I love their potential, the colorful exterior that quickly dyes my fingertips, the fragility and all the beauty inside waiting to be smashed open. And then. I love the confetti colors, the tiny circles of pastels all piled on top of each other, the clean edges of the cracked egg shell,…

History of the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! Q: What’s the history of the heart shape? How did it become associated with the human organ and a symbol of love? A: Unfortunately, no simple answer. But, I made a drawing for you… Here are some of the explanations, speculations & historic representations: Silphium seeds used as a contraceptive in North Africa,…