Erik Hanson

Erik Hanson, a contributing editor of KtB, was once the religion editor at AltaMira Press, but then he was laid off. He taught Math and English at a K-8 Quaker School but then he was laid off from there. He currently advises Anthropology majors at the University of Maryland, where he has not yet been laid off, although he is expecting furloughs.

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On Peter Toscano’s “Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender In the Bible”.

A Story of Sloth

When I heard that the Stoop Storytelling Series in Baltimore was presenting a show on the Seven Deadly Sins, I knew right away that I wanted to tell a story about my favorite Deadly Sin, Sloth. My two problems were (1) how to craft a compelling story about my lack of ability to complete or…

Wicked Funny

The pseudo-ex-Satanist Mike Warnke and me.

Bible Porn

Bible Porn

Sometimes corrupting children is a religious duty.

Jesus Kitsch, My Lord and Savior

In the woods behind a West Virginia monastery, a writer and a photographer ask an age-old question: Is bad art good religion?

Kafka in Love

College reunions, marriage proposals, and other trials that make you buggy.