Gordon Haber

Gordon Haber writes about religion and culture. His short story collection, Uggs for Gaza, is available from Dutch Kills Press. He does not live in Brooklyn.

Recent Posts by Gordon

This Way to the Gas Chambers, Ladies and Gentlemen (Auschwitz 2003)

It occurred to me that one is always imagining how one could live in Auschwitz. But almost everyone died in Auschwitz.

Uncle Oatmeal

The niece is the only child he knows.

The Shame Organ

Or, The Summer I Realized That The Grateful Dead Sucks

Notes from DC

…immediately following the 2016 Presidential election.

Monumental Lies: Jefferson, Reconstructed

Why we should be afraid of the vision David Barton–and Kirk Cameron–hold for America. Somewhat afraid.


A father assuages his post-circumcision conscience.

Kind of Like Jews

Noahidism is a religion for everyone and no one.

Guercino (1591-1666), Personification of Astrology.

Astral Procrastination

Why is it so hard to face up to one’s astrological nature?

The False Science

Testing the limits of tolerance on a psychic’s new book.

The Book of Gershon

The trials—and occasional licentiousness—of a reluctant prophet.

(Dis)Integrating Church and State

Someone might be tinkering with God’s voting machine.

The Only Jew for Miles

An unlikely pilgrim to Poland sees more, and less, than he’d hoped.