Greg Bottoms

Greg Bottoms is the author of six books, including the memoir Angelhead (U. of Chicago Press), the recent essay collection Spiritual American Trash: Portraits from the Margins of Art and Faith (Counterpoint Press), and Pitiful Criminals (Counterpoint Press), a graphic collection of memoirs and stories, with drawings by artist W. David Powell. He teaches creative writing at the University of Vermont, where he is Professor of English.

Recent Posts by Greg

Two Misses

That’s the thing they don’t tell you—PTSD is contagious.

The Minister’s Handyman

An excerpt from Pitiful Criminals, published this week by Counterpoint Press. Drawings by W. David Powell.

by maorzo, via Flickr

Black Preacher at the Family Reunion

“Do it or I’ll cut your throat,” Kevin said. You thought about it, yelling the word and then running and it would all really just be a game.

Dear Mr. Eggleston

When I hold your photograph, I’m looking at our car in the Sears parking lot in 1976, and time has collapsed.

A Message from Prison

When somebody just needs to disappear.

In the Devil House

People always told Frank Jones that he was special.

Mountainous Harmony and Everlasting Peace

Great art meets faulty wiring.

Ghosts in the Mirrors

The making of a Santero artist as an old man.

Two Ghost Stories

Conversations with the dead, memories of life.

Jesus Saves

The way to eternal life through a dead-ringer for Christ.


This is what you do when you love someone. Not just like. Only if you’re in love.


On learning to inhale, and a breeze of insignificance. Another excerpt from Greg Bottoms’ new book, Fight Scenes


To be a lover and a car thief on a Saturday morn

The Colorful Apocalypse

What does it take to be an “outsider artist”? Brushes, paint, and revelation.