Jason Anthony

Jason Anthony is an writer and games designer. His articles about religion have appeared in the Christian Century, Washington Post and Boston Review among other places. His games, including Shabbat-Put! and Sacrifice Play have been staged in the U.S. and U.K., and earlier this year he staged a fully-gamed church service at Union Theological Seminary. His largest project to date is the Ten Year Game, a fully-gamed new religion to start in the fall of 2011.

Recent Posts by Jason

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Blackjack Ain’t Blasphemy

Last Spring, Union Theological Seminary approached me to create a games-based chapel service. I was incredibly flattered, and, honestly, terrified. My work—mixing religious ritual and modern game design—has not tended to make me popular either with other designers or the clergy. But Union is a pretty extraordinary place, and I got free rein to create…

Just a Game

Can a video game be a real religion?