Jennifer Mackenzie

Jennifer MacKenzie teaches English and journalism at Lehman College, CUNY, and her first book of poems, My Not-My Soldier, was released by Fence Books' Modern Poets Series in 2014. Recent poems and essays can also be found in Fence, Drunken Boat, the Near East Quarterly, and the Kenyon Review online.

Recent Posts by Jennifer

Dear Cruelest Month: Spring Isn’t Arab

Once upon a time we lay in bed trying to imagine what shelling sounded like. We being me and the man I loved. Ah, those early days of my Orientalism and our naïvete. It was winter,2012, and I had started sleeping in the storage space above my kitchen. It was the only place in my…

Why Are You Laughing?

Two ways of looking at “Je suis Charlie.”

Sea Accounting

Navigating fear, family, and Syria’s failing insurrection.

Killing the Buddha

Every Place is Khalidiya

A trip to the Damascus grave of Dr. Ali Shariati, revolutionary, as the shelling in Homs, Syria began.