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KtB at Haverford College

What Buddhas need killing next? On February 9th, KtB Senior Editor Nathan Schneider will be at Haverford College near Philadelphia to talk with students and faculty about the magazine, religion in America, and the future of Buddha-killing. All are welcome! Note: times corrected 2/1.

Today in Cairo

Prayers and a water cannon.

Killing the Buddha

I Need Less Cynicism and Not More

Mr. Richard G. Evans wrote in today to cancel his subscription to the KtB mailing list, and with it, gave his reasons, in reference to our current feature by Nicholas Laccetti, “Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™“: The Thomas Kinkade critique put me over the edge frankly.  How anyone could find evil in his…

Killing the Buddha


As Catholic church abuse scandals continue to emerge worldwide, there is a new way that that those in positions of authority, but who are not ordained priests, are taking advantage of their parishioners. Kathryn Joyce has a piece on Religion Dispatches this morning. In 2008, when Katia Birge, a U.S.-born journalist and translator now living in Mexico, was…

King’s Students Respond

We’ve already been receiving a flurry of letters responding to Jonathan D. Fitzgerald’s essay about The King’s College in the Empire State Building, “Whose College?” Reid Rogers, in Auburn, Alabama, offered some grateful words: I am a former King’s College student, though not a graduate. After reading your article, I feel you have articulated much…

Frequencies: A Call for Artworks

We here at Killing the Buddha are really excited to announce our collaboration with the The Immanent Frame (at the Social Science Research Council) on a new project: Frequencies—”a genealogy of spirituality.” It’s led by a pair of the most brilliant and creative scholars of religion running around these days, Kathryn Lofton and John Lardas…

Richard Dawkins Loves the Bible

Richard Dawkins, the supposedly angry New Atheist constantly accused of knowing nothing about the religion he rails against, couldn’t even wait until January 1st to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible—”warts and all.” He riffs, in the New Statesman: The King James Bible occupies nearly 42 pages of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations,…

Killing the Buddha

Hear Robby George Call Cornel West “My Brother”

On a new Bloggingheads.tv diavlog, Princeton professors Robert P. George (leading Catholic conservative and sex advisor) and Cornel West (supreme lover and taxicab philosopher) find amazing amounts of agreement on questions of human dignity, from the commodification of society to abortion. They’re both even wearing black three-piece suits. Do the left and right disagree about…

Tin Anniversary Glamour

The Tin Anniversary Spectacular—celebrating ten years of KtB—has come and gone. For those of you (and there were lots!) who joined us at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn on December 7th, as well as those who were sponsors in absentia, thank you for helping make the event such a great success. For the rest of…

Killing the Buddha

I Wanna Be Like Osama b.

A clever little artifact of our depressing times: It comes from Jihad! The Musical, written by Benjamin Scheuer, who introduced himself at the Tin Anniversary Spectacular the other night.

Killing the Buddha

Are All Mormons Censors?

Jonathan in Utah writes, regarding Hillary White’s essay “Cutting It Out“: Interesting dissection on your views of edited films. I would suggest to maintain the integrity in you article it would be beneficial to distinguish the actions of individuals from actions of the official organization “the Church.” You use the phrase “the Church” many times…

Killing the Buddha

Wikileaks Samba

A new video from KtB friends Alyce Santoro and Julian Mock, of Sonic Disobedience.

Killing the Buddha

New Revelation from a “Son Of My Mother”

Leland Mellott has been kind enough to share with us some more details about his discoveries, of which he told us a bit earlier: By way of a powerful, transformative River Of Lightin my mind across the month of October 1981 (some eight weeks later I began speaking in tongues), I see that: We have entered…

The Son of Man Needs Not a Harness

Is your life complete without a rock-climbing Jesus action figurine? We didn’t think so. (look at the gluts on that god-man…). And a harness? Ropes? Jesus don’t need no safety shit. I mean, how could the helmet fit over his crown of thorns?? So what a delight that in anticipation of tomorrow night’s auction (part…

Sneak-a-Peek: Auction Preview

This is just a tiny fraction of the fine wares and services available at the KtB auction tomorrow night! Bid early! Bid often! Both live (for a few exciting, adrenaline-filled moments) and silent (all night) auctions! Don’t miss it!

Tin Anniversary Spectacular

KtB just turned ten! Help us celebrate on December 7th in Brooklyn.

Killing the Buddha

“Killing the Buddha,” Except Not

Wow. It gives you all you need to know about the path to enlightenment.

Killing the Buddha

Three Finalists

Here are the top three Buddha-killing cocktails, all submitted by readers to our recent contest. Join us December 7th, and toast KtB’s 10th anniversary with the winning mixologists. Blood and Sacrifice Blended Scotch (Dewars will do) Orange Juice Italian Amaro (Nonino, Nardini, Mirto, or even an Italian vermouth like Carpano Antico) Dash of orange or…