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Mary Valle lives in Baltimore and is the author of Cancer Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude: Reflections on Cancer and Catholicism. She blogs on KtB as The Communicant. For more Mary, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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NJ Man Disrupts Satan’s Plot

Jewish Taskforce: Get out there! I need more sodomy in the human population! Sodomy! You know: Oral, anal— stuff like that. Promote the hell out of it!  What? Damnit! One of those little fuckers is onto me!

Killing the Buddha

Ladies and Gays and Gay Ladies!

The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles would like to serve notice to the rest of the Church and the worldwide Communion of believers: It. Is. On. (Bitches!)

Killing the Buddha

¡Hola, Santa Muerte!

Shameful! Ridiculous! It’s a cult, a made-up thing! And those statues. Grotesque! Hey, are they huffing? During Mass? Mexico really is nice this time of year…. @

Right Now in New Jersey

How many men does it take to hold a sign so sheepishly?

Killing the Buddha

Late Night Christian Shopping

Puppets? “Drama team?” Dance? And a rock choir? All I want for Christmas is to shop for Christmas in Taunton, England Far, far into the night @

Killing the Buddha

Life Size With Extra Holes, Pronto

Rough burlappy shell on the outside smooth plastic sluttiness on the inside @

Killing the Buddha

They Knew What They Did

At last they’re taking out that namby-pamby liberal professor language about forgiving them my executioners— let Me assure you, those fuckers went straight to hell @

Killing the Buddha

Internet Safety Update

All right, I’m going to make this brief. Stop texting. I’m talking to you, Riley. Look. It’s not just the perverts and the molesters out there anymore. It’s religious people! Next thing you know you’re in a van with a buncha other kids, wearin’ a robe and givin’ out Bibles or Qur’ans or whatever  to…

Killing the Buddha

Flipper, Beak, Nostril etc.

“We are talking about anal sex. Not even animals do that,” Butoro said, adding that he was personally caring for six “former homosexuals” who had been traumatised by the experience. “We believe there are limits to human rights.” Au contr cialis sale aire, Mr. Butoro, say my cats, Nigel and Noel. Au contraire. @

Killing the Buddha

Lee Brundige’s Gay Honeymoons, Inc.

Alex? José? Nice to meet yuh. Sorry, no shake-o the hands-o. Flu season. Got a real nice package deal right here. To Uganda. Beautiful country. You fellas’ll love it, I guaran- goshdarn-tee it. You won’t wanna ever come back! @@

Killing the Buddha

At Least the Buildings Are in Use

Baltimore junk shops are full of dusty saints baptismal fonts, pews even confessionals that never seem to sell @

Killing the Buddha

Ingrate Rejects Hajj Souvenirs

What the hell kind of souvenirs are these? Caftans? Prayer beads? Dates? I was hoping you’d bring me a t-shirt or a keychain or at the very least, a plastic stoning-the-pillar snowglobe! Jesus! Next time, don’t bother! @

Killing the Buddha

Rebranding Sin

Sin! It might seem like fun at the time, but It’ll Bite You in the Ass (TM) @

Killing the Buddha

Please Don’t Tell Me What Hell Is

Rusty trailers barbed wire fences polygamy/molesting (natch) child labor nutjob leader “heaven on earth?” @

Killing the Buddha

Chuck Colson Talks Turkey

Youngsters, Things like the environment and hunger can wait. Or not. So we all starve to death or are drowned in tsunamis. Who cares? God doesn’t. What does God care about? Glad you asked. No funny business with members of your same, uh, sex. No abortions. And keeping America safe for Christianity. OK? Got that?…

Killing the Buddha

The Cafeteria Is Closed, Boyo

You want your Eucharist, Patrick, my lad? Go back to Boston @

Killing the Buddha

Woof ‘n’ Worship

From the Private Journal of Rev. Tom Eggebeen— November the 22nd, year of our Lord 2009 Woof ‘n’ Worship! My wild fancy has taken root and grown, grown beyond my most fervid imaginings. My sanctuary brims with gentlemen and ladies and their animal companions, all come to share the Good News of Our Lord Jesus…

Killing the Buddha

Youth Minister Discusses Catholic “Defectors”

In other words, the Mystical Body of Christ is the Hotel California @