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Nathaniel Page is a writer who lives in Brooklyn.

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Killing the Buddha

This Post Means Nothing

Readers may have been surprised to find that Killing the Buddha did not feature a blog post about the nativity scene fracas in Santa Monica, wherein atheists acquired and used most of the traditional display spots to advertise their philosophy. This story was relevant to our area of coverage and to our audience. We could…

Killing the Buddha

Mormon Fashion Bloggers Speak

Mormons have been in the zeitgeist of late, what with Mitt running, the Book of Mormon winning Tonys, and The New York Times writing about Mormon hipsters. They’re so widely seen as behind the times, though, that a recent skinny jean snafu at Brigham Young University in Idaho inspired nationwide reportage. A few months ago…


An exercise in recreational destruction.

Killing the Buddha

Israel’s Cottage Cheese Uprising

You’ve heard all about the Arab protests, and maybe even about the Spanish and Greek ones. But have you heard about the Israeli one? Like the Egyptian protests, the Israeli one began in reaction to a spike in food prices. Six weeks ago, in reaction to a planned cottage-cheese price hike by the dairy cartel…

World Peace for Free and Pay in Washington

On July 9th, the Dalai Lama appeared on the West Lawn of the US Capitol to talk about world peace. He was in town for the ten-day Kalachakra Ceremony for World Peace, a Tantric initiation rite. His lawn talk was the only Kalachakra-related function that did not require tickets, which ran from $35 to $45…

Killing the Buddha

Do You Feel Mutilated?

Sudden activity on an old front in the worldwide circumcision wars: Africa. While two legislators in California announced efforts to ban the San Francisco circumcision-ban ballot measure, The Atlantic reported on a Zimbabwean campaign to encourage grown men and boys to get circumcised. The point of the Zimbabwean effort is to slow the spread of HIV. As…

War and Peace in Newark

On my way into the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, an agent of the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service made me take my camera out of my bag. “It’s a common ruse to pack C4 into a camera,” the agent told me, inspecting the device. Ruses in Newark are becoming increasingly common. Last November, a tight…