Uggs for Gaza: and Other Stories

Prepare yourself: this sparkling short story collection will have you thinking, cringing and laughing out loud.

Gordon Haber’s nonfiction has earned him a significant following (and a few enemies). Uggs for Gaza (and Other Stories), his debut short story collection, continues that tradition of wit, scathing honesty and dark humor. Here are eight powerful stories about young (and not-so-young) men grappling with the two great questions of adult life: love and money. In the title story, a guy lies about sending Australian boots to Palestinians – and ends up following through with it. In “R&R,” a Jewish infantryman in the Korean War fights for survival and self-respect. In “False Economies,” an American navigates the economic realities of Thatcher’s London. Uggs for Gaza (and Other Stories) is the debut short story collection of a considerable new talent. Haber’s stories will surprise you with their unique mixture of comedy and candor.

Dutch Kills Press, 2017.

Uggs for Gaza