God didn’t make a heaven for books, so we made one for Him.

Headlines and Footnotes

Sister Corita’s Big Children

Headlines and Footnotes: A Play-Pray Book by Sister Corita, foreword by Daniel Berrigan (New York: Herder and Herder, 1967) I’d know Sister Corita’s art anywhere. Her graphic sense, handwriting, and genius use of color is unique—as is her religious sensibility. Her magnificent “play-pray” book Headlines and Footnotes remains wonderful both as a visual experience and…

Hayy performs surgery on the doe.

Alive, Son of Awake

Hayy Bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl. In Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings, edited by Muhammad Ali Khalidi (Cambridge University Press, 2005) Fitting, I think, that what is regarded as the world’s first philosophical novel can’t decide between science fiction and biblical plagiarism. The work is Hayy Bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl, a Muslim philosopher and court…

The Desperate Dieter

Take and Eat

R cialis online without prescription eligious dieting has been with us for a while. Christians aren’t just fighting off such worldly temptations as adultery and homicide; Big Macs and ice cream also tempt believers with their false promises. Trying to maintain one’s morals while living in a culture that tries to lead you astray in…

Clap Your Hands!

Catholic Boy Meets Jesus

Clap Your Hands! by Larry Tomsczak (Logos International, 1973). Clap Your Hands! is the autobiography of 23-year-old Larry Tomsczak, who, at the time of the book’s publishing, was the “nation’s only full-time Catholic evangelist.” It’s not surprising that later on in life, Larry parted ways with the Magisterium and started his own ministry. Larry’s story…


The Diaries of the Late God

Last week a dear friend blessed me with a 1968 first edition paperback copy of a sleeping classic: Excerpts from the Diaries of the Late God by Anthony Towne. I love this. The dedication page sends a tingle down my spine. The poet Anthony Towne was, if you didn’t know, the extraordinary partner of the…