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Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness

We just received an announcement about a wild new book that may interest some of you wackos out there. You know those funny little lines and dots that float in front of your field of vision sometimes? Always assumed, like I did, that they’re nothing more than ocular aberrations not to be bothered about much?…


Happy JewBu Day

Today’s a big day. At sunset, Passover begins (stay tuned for a special piece publishing at that very moment!). And in Japan, it’s the Buddha’s birthday. What a wonderful coincidence (or dilemma?) for all the JewBus out there! I also know at least two people with birthdays today, and they’re both at least part Jewish…

Killing the Buddha

You’re Doing What to the Buddha?

When you work on a publication whose title suggests the thought of doing violence to the benevolent founder of a major world religion, it isn’t uncommon to arouse well-meaning concern from time to time. Today we heard the following from “positive”: i think what ur sa Revive Her Drive click for more ying is wrong…

Killing the Buddha

Praise for Plante

A shout out for David Plante’s Holy Mother of God from Hartford Courant blogger, Susan Campbell. “I don’t know,” she writes. “I just loved this, on the web site Killing the Buddha.” Such is the mystery of words, the universe and God. We just don’t know.

Killing the Buddha

the ineffable

H.S. Haid sent us a nice letter that’s worth sharing (note, however, that we’re not quite “brothers”—3/4 of the KtBniks are women these days!): Bless you my brothers, for I have just read your creed, and it pretty well jibes with mine.  I am the son of a non-observant Jew and a lapsed Protestant. Studyting…

Killing the Buddha

Catholic Condoms and Freeze Dried Glaciers

We just got a letter from Devi suggesting that we pass this on to you all: Taking a hint from the philosophy that made Seinfeld such an immense hit (a show about nothing), there’s a new store on the internet that’s selling nothing, but in a unique, clever, and colorful way. As the header on…

Killing the Buddha

Gay Liberation Theology

Brian K wrote to us with some love and suggestions: I love you guys.  I have a quick question or two: 1. Do you have any gay representation in KtB? There seems to be very little that takes up any gay liberation theology. 2. Who’s the hot dude you have on the cover of the…

Ken Kesey

Kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy

Bruce Springsteen performs at halftime during the NFL Super Bowl XLIII football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Enlightenment through rock n roll

We got a thoughtful letter today from Satya Krishna Dass: Hey, Why can’t we have enlightenment through rock ‘n roll?  It may originate from the lower chakras but it travels up to the higher ones right to the crown (in my opinion).  If you can dig it without attachment then there you have it children.…

Killing the Buddha

Creative Commons Explained

Today we got a nice email from one Todd Herbert. I really, really love the redesign. I’m genuinely exited! I find your new category headings quite clever (once I got over the initial confusion). I’ve been a KTB reader for quite some time now. I love the concept of the journal. I love everything about…