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Eddie Pepitone feigns interest as Bell dominates convo

SxSW: Bitter Buddha

My quest to connect with comic Eddie Pepitone, aka the Bitter Buddha, in person at the 2013 South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival proved to be quite the challenge. First off, the…


Becky’s New Book!

Buddha-killer Becky Garrison‘s new e-book Roger Williams’ Little Book of Virtues is now available! Through Pentecost (that’s May 19th, folks!) you can download a free copy here by using code YQ46D.

John Sayles is the one on the right with no beard.

SxSW: Searching for Sayles

When I got an email announcing that my favorite film director, John Sayles, would be taping an interview at SXSW, I dropped my previous plans to catch him in action.…

Killing the Buddha

Boston, between Columbine and 9/11

President Obama declared that the “hateful agenda” of the Boston bombers will not succeed. But he also warns us not to jump to conclusions. Thus we may ask, what if…


What Do You Believe? How Do You Know? Want a Free Book?

For as long as I’ve been interested in the search for proofs about the existence of God, I’ve been interested in drawing them. Words and equations just didn’t seem like…

Killing the Buddha

SxSW: Big Joy

The documentary Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton highlights the poetry and films of gay poet, filmmaker, and spiritual visionary James Broughton, one of the defining artistic voices of…


SxSW: More Signs of God

Here’s what I found during SXSW while strolling around Austin, Texas, a liberal oasis situated in the buckle of the Bible Belt.      

Quiet Company

SxSW: Quiet Company Speaks

After being turned on to the music of Quiet Company courtesy of Naked Pastor and catching their acoustic set with the Harvard Humanists, I finally caught them plugged in during…


Break An Egg

I love confetti eggs. I love their potential, the colorful exterior that quickly dyes my fingertips, the fragility and all the beauty inside waiting to be smashed open. And then.…

Chuck Lorre productions 126, Two And A Half Men

SxSW: Tell-A-Vision

South by Southwest (SXSW) Armed with a gold (film/interactive) press badge, Becky Garrison set out to explore the evolution of storytelling in this ever-evolving digital world. This week we’ll share…

Killing the Buddha

SCOTUS: Where Pessimism Could Kill Marriage Equality

In a previous post I discussed the doctrine of pessimism recently extolled by the philosopher Roger Scruton in the New York Times. Scruton claims that we should resist endorsing social…

Killing the Buddha

When Pessimism Tramples Truth

Roger Scruton’s New York Times column “When Hope Tramples Truth” extols the virtues of pessimism by decrying the mindlessness of those endorsing marriage equality. But it turns out that being…

Killing the Buddha

Ha Lachma Anya, A Poem for Passover

A poem for Passover.

Killing the Buddha

Remembering Bill Hicks

On this day, twenty years after his untimely death, let us stop for a moment and reflect on the legacy of Bill Hicks, whose timeless smackdowns of Americana Christianity inspired…

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Lenten Bingeing…For Good

People have been bingeing on TV shows, apparently, according to many boring recent articles. “Who cares?” I think, when confronted with boring prose about boring activities. “They’re just watching TV.”…

Valentine's Day 2013

History of the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! Q: What’s the history of the heart shape? How did it become associated with the human organ and a symbol of love? A: Unfortunately, no simple answer.…


Whitewashing Stonewall?

In assessing President Obama’s now-famous references to Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall, the Rev. David Weekly, one of the few out trans UMC clergy persons, asked on his blog why…

Lent Supplies

The Lent Bin

I’ve barely got my Christmas decorations put away and was pondering hearts and snowflakes for St. Valentine’s Day when I realized that Lent begins February 13th this year. February. 13.…