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Killing the Buddha

Not That Kind of Girl

Carlene Bauer does not care for the new biography of Flannery O’ Connor by Brad Gooch: Aquinas is described as having “lofty, lucent prose” — which is like saying Plato has a learned, witty style. And he is easily beguiled by trivia. In order to show how protected a child O’Connor was, he takes a…

Looking west at Fulton and Washington Avenues

Attention Friends and Neighbors!

Making my merry way to breakfast past Fulton Street in Brooklyn this morning, the LORD raised up a mighty crowd in my path. They bore yellow balloons, wide smiles, and full-color fliers at the ready. The occasion? To announce the Grand Inauguration of the Cathedral of Faith tomorrow at 1091 Fulton. On the flyer is…


The Diaries of the Late God

Last week a dear friend blessed me with a 1968 first edition paperback copy of a sleeping classic: Excerpts from the Diaries of the Late God by Anthony Towne. I love this. The dedication page sends a tingle down my spine. The poet Anthony Towne was, if you didn’t know, the extraordinary partner of the…

Killing the Buddha

Religion & Revisionism

There may be no right way to talk about the Holocaust, but there are certainly wrong ways — and the Catholic Church keeps finding them. Last month, an excommunicated bishop was let back in the fold despite his record of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. The Vatican claimed it didn’t know the worst of it, but…

A Happy Purim

Ain’t No Party Like a …

Biking through Brooklyn. 10:30 pm on a Monday. You pass big hats—big ones. Music pumping from even more enormous vehicles. Hummers? No. Escalades? No again. Rented white RVs scattered through the streets, packed full of Hasidic boys dressed in sparkles? Oh, yes. Did I mention the children dressed up in costumes? And that the music…

Killing the Buddha

KtB on Twitter

Break out the cheap champagne! We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and joined the annoyingly irresistible micro-mayhem of Twitter. Now you can keep abreast of all articles and blog posts by following our Twitter feed.

Killing the Buddha

On Our Knees

Barack Obama evidently thought mega-pastor Rick Warren had words of wisdom for the nation worthy of Obama’s inauguration. But what would Warren say to the Obamas if they came to him for personal counseling? We don’t need to wonder, reports Kathryn Joyce in Mother Jones, because Warren is out about his belief in wifely submission.…

Killing the Buddha

Blinded By Science

Remember Paul Shanley? He was said to be the worst of the pedophile priests, sentenced in 2005 to 12-15 years. But soon, he’ll get another day in court, as Massachusetts’ top tribunal takes up questions about the evidence used to achieve his conviction. The problem with the trial of Paul Shanley, says JoAnn Wypijewski, wasn’t…

Killing the Buddha

Finallly. A New Bible.

Well it’s about time someone wrote a new Bible. Thank God – ehem – that it was this guy named Jeff. (NOT SHARLET). From the always dependable Onion: Thi Buy cialis soft online s Week, Let’s Try A Reading From The Bible I Wrote

Marc Chagall, La Danse

Must One Describe?

The air here is always dry. Thin, but also thick. A white pipe the width of a soda can reaches from floor to ceiling, making the never-ending music of a rainstick. From it comes enough heat that even on the coldest days of winter I’ve had to keep the window open at least a crack…

Killing the Buddha

25 Random Notes on Ash Wednesday

25 Random Notes on Ash Wednesday I woke up early to my roommate putting away the silverware in the kitchen, then fell back asleep. When I woke up the wooden rosary that I fell asleep with wrapped around my hand was lost in the sheets. Last night I was asked if I keep any symbolic…

Killing the Buddha

Happy 5 Years, Bartholomew!

One of the best Buddha killers on the web, Richard Bartholomew, is celebrating 5 years of blogging at Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion. We wish him the warmest congratulations! Little did I expect then what a great learning experience running a blog would be – I’ve become interested now in a whole list of topics I…

Austria, 25,000 BCE

Who Are These Women?

Along the ramparts of the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center for Feminist Art, there is a small exhibition of ancient female figurines, among them the oldest sculpture in the museum’s collection. What strange forms! Where are the supermodels, where are the Barbie dolls? At the confluence of second-wave feminism and post-Freudian psychohistory, the mid-twentieth century saw…

Killing the Buddha

Where the Wild Things Aren’t

I met KtB contributing editor Laurel Snyder back in 2004, when Peter Manseau and I went to Iowa City to promote Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible. At the time, Laurel — a poetry MFA grad of the Iowa program — was thinking a great deal about children’s books. Read Thurber, she told us, and…

Killing the Buddha

Some Love for My Loveless Universe

A while back, one of the deans of Christian conservatism, Marvin Olasky, invited me to the Empire State Building office from which he edits World magazine to quiz me on my spiritual condition and its relation to my recent book, The Family, in which Marvin appears a few times. I thought we had as lovely…

Killing the Buddha

Praise for Plante

A shout out for David Plante’s Holy Mother of God from Hartford Courant blogger, Susan Campbell. “I don’t know,” she writes. “I just loved this, on the web site Killing the Buddha.” Such is the mystery of words, the universe and God. We just don’t know.

Killing the Buddha

J.G. Ballard’s Pre-Posthumous Memoir

KtB contributor (Believer, Beware division) Mark Dery reviews the great J.G. Ballard’s latest and possibly last book, a “pre-posthumous memoir” titled Miracles of Life, for L.A. Weekly. “In response to my inquiry about who would be bringing out Miracles of Life in the States, and when,” writes Mark in a chronicle of his correspondence with…

Killing the Buddha

Happy Darwin Day

We got a request this week to do something to celebrate Darwin Day here at KtB. Nothing was really planned, but it does give us the opportunity to do a little ruthless self-promotion. KtBnik Nathan Schneider has a new essay at Religion Dispatches that, in a Buddha-killing spirit, celebrates Darwin by toasting the creationists: [Darwin,]…