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Killing the Buddha

the ineffable

H.S. Haid sent us a nice letter that’s worth sharing (note, however, that we’re not quite “brothers”—3/4 of the KtBniks are women these days!): Bless you my brothers, for I have just read your creed, and it pretty well jibes with mine.  I am the son of a non-observant Jew and a lapsed Protestant. Studyting…

Killing the Buddha

Catholic Condoms and Freeze Dried Glaciers

We just got a letter from Devi suggesting that we pass this on to you all: Taking a hint from the philosophy that made Seinfeld such an immense hit (a show about nothing), there’s a new store on the internet that’s selling nothing, but in a unique, clever, and colorful way. As the header on…

Killing the Buddha

Gay Liberation Theology

Brian K wrote to us with some love and suggestions: I love you guys.  I have a quick question or two: 1. Do you have any gay representation in KtB? There seems to be very little that takes up any gay liberation theology. 2. Who’s the hot dude you have on the cover of the…

Ken Kesey

Kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy


Military Mahabharata

This, from the February 2nd issue of India Today: “In a final showdown between two contenders for the title of Tank No. 1 this June, the Indian Army will conduct comparative field trials between the indigenously built Arjun main battle tank and the Russian-built T-90 Bheeshma tank in the 40 degree Celsius plus the heat…

Bruce Springsteen performs at halftime during the NFL Super Bowl XLIII football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Enlightenment through rock n roll

We got a thoughtful letter today from Satya Krishna Dass: Hey, Why can’t we have enlightenment through rock ‘n roll?  It may originate from the lower chakras but it travels up to the higher ones right to the crown (in my opinion).  If you can dig it without attachment then there you have it children.…

Killing the Buddha

Creative Commons Explained

Today we got a nice email from one Todd Herbert. I really, really love the redesign. I’m genuinely exited! I find your new category headings quite clever (once I got over the initial confusion). I’ve been a KTB reader for quite some time now. I love the concept of the journal. I love everything about…

KtB before

Redesign Launched!

After being stuck in the ’90s for almost a whole extra decade, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a whole new KtB! A new look, a new apparatus, but the same great anxiety about churches and the same clever mottos on rotation. A few of the innovations include: Fully searchable archives (though they’re not…


Killing the Buddha Resurrection Reading (Party!)

Join us for a night of readings, revelry & libations to celebrate the revival of the literary magazine Killing the Buddha. Pry yourself from your computer and come hear Toby Van Buren, Daily Afflictions author Andrew Boyd, and Emily Weinstein read some of their work. You will be greatly rewarded. Tuesday, August 5, 2008 7:00…

Killing the Buddha

KtB is alive. Again. It just won’t die.

Since Killing the Buddha was first created in 2000, the unholy love child of Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau and Jeremy Brothers, religion stories have made it — to glossy magazines covers, the babble of the blogosphere, and the bestseller list. But Killing the Buddha is still the only place for brazen stories of belief —…


The Buddha Is Back

Since this site was first created in 2000, the unholy love child of Jeff Sharlet, Peter Manseau and Jeremy Brothers, religion stories have made it — to glossy magazines covers, the babble of the blogosphere, and the bestseller list. But Killing the Buddha is still the only place for brazen stories of belief — lost …

Killing the Buddha

KtB is Dead

Seven years. That’s how long it has been since KillingTheBuddha.com began. Seven! That’s 63 in Web years. When KtB was born, there were no blogs; Salon was big news; the guy who started Facebook was in junior high. Old enough to know better, young enough to find something else to do, we who have been…

Killing the Buddha

Reader Mail

yo ktb, count me stupid (my wife will confirm) but i can’t figure out what you did to your website? it’s gotta be the biggest fucked up confusion i’ve seen since the old rooster caught his pecker in the chicken wire fencing! blah, blah, blah cock-a-doodle-doo! jack of the universe


Take Up and Read

The best religion book of 2007 is finally in a bookstore near you. Two longtime friends of KtB, Scott Korb and Peter Bebergal, have teamed up to write the most honest account of what it means to struggle with belief — and toward it, and away from it — that we’ve read in years. The…


Beyond Nepotism

We rarely publish poetry here at KtB, but this week one of our own (which is to say me, Laurel Snyder, the person typing this) has released a book of poems.  A book of poems called, “The Myth of the Simple Machines”. And because a few of these poems are kinda relig-ish, and because such…


Marching the Buddha

If monks in Myanmar weren’t marching against the military junta this week, they would likely be taking part in a march of another kind. Late September is traditionally the time for one of Myanmar’s largest religious festivals, held just 100 miles north of Yangon, epicenter of the protests and scene of increasingly violent government response.…

Killing the Buddha

Reader Mail

“Good evening, I had not thought of the Louvin Brothers in a long time. Not that they had gone anywhere, I had. I started to review their song list and immediately grabbed a pen and started to write the words to “Praying,” “River of Jordan” and “Last Chance to Pray,” etc. You see I used…

Killing the Buddha

Divinity & Disgust

The question of where morality comes from remains a bee in the bonnet of both religionists and philosophers. Or perhaps it only seems so because we’ve lately been reading a few books on the subject. What emerges from this reading is nagging feeling that talking about the origins of morality is a way of talking…