Mary Valle, communicating while munching on communion, reports the news in verse.

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Some Thoughts /About/ The Rapture

Why would God chaff all these people? — I don’t understand     Is this stuff even in the Bible? — I can’t get an answer     Dogs don’t go to Heaven? I think I’m going to cry    


Burning in Hell is…Delicious

It appears that some members of the Conservative Alliance of Front Royal, VA, have gotten a little confused regarding young Tiana Ramos and her successful small business. Maybe it’s the pollen? Allergy meds can mess you up. Because what I see is a young patriot in action. Free enterprise? Check. Not taking handouts? Check. Putting…


Priests on Film

To further celebrate the release of Calvary (read about it courtesy of S. Brent Plate  and me) I’d like to present a completely subjective and by no means exhaustive list of my favorite priest-themed TV shows and movies. Thanks and praise to everyone who volunteered their own favorites on Twitter and Facebook. I am now…


Leo XIII: First Papal Movie Star

In a review of Religion in Contemporary European Cinema: The Postsecular Constellation, S. Brent Plate describes the how Leo XIII became the first pope on film. In 1898, cameraman William Dickson trailed Pope Leo XIII around the Vatican grounds, documenting a series of vignettes of his activities. The Roman Catholic leader walked, rode in a…

Killing the Buddha

Jesus and Satan Battle Over Women’s Bodies

Hobby Lobby, perhaps my favorite corporate person (pickup line: “Our Hobby is Making Crafts in Your Lobby”) might be up against the Satanic Temple (of proposed Oklahoma City Satanic monument fame)  in the battle over women’s bodies. Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to facilitate the contraception of employees’ theoretical babies. The Satanic Temple wants to give…


Pastor Inky and His Amazing Shredded-Knee Slacks

Good news, Carl Lentz. You are now officially one of my Favorite People. Some of my other current Favorite People (FPs) are Raymond Cardinal Burke, Eden Foods and Hobby Lobby. FPs come and go however, Carl, so be warned: you may end up with Ross Douthat and Rick Perry in the rubbish-bin of such other…

Killing the Buddha

You’re Having Our Baby

Do you ever listen to “love songs” shows on your local Lite FM station? They’re always called something like “Love Songs on the Cliff” or “Love Songs on the Peninsula” or “Love Songs From Unincorporated County Territory.” A purrsome female DJ reads the sentiments of people who want to dedicate songs to other people. Like,…


Non-Dairy Godly Families Rejoice!

Why is this mom jumping for joy? At last she’ll have enough soy milk to serve with dinner! Eden Soy: Let’s Grow Your Family. Together.™

Killing the Buddha

St. John Paul II’s Blood Books East Coast Tour

Great news, first-class relic lovers! A small Vial of St. John Paul II’s Blood is going on tour this summer! It will hit Boston, NY, Philly and Baltimore. I have it on good authority that the Vial of Blood has only a few special items in Its rider other than the usual 100% percent French…

God's Daughters stills from Documentary film.
Diane praying with a member of a Holy Wisdom community after giving her communion in her home.

Q & A with Luc Novovitch, Director of God’s Daughters

Diane prays with a member of the Holy Wisdom community after giving her communion in her home. Roman Catholic Womenpriests have been in the news a lot lately. Even though automatic excommunication is the penalty for womenpriests as well as those who ordain them, they show no signs of backing down. Luc Novovitch, a former…


An Interview with Jesus

If you are religion-y and hang out on Twitter, you may have encountered @JesusofNaz316, a self-described “carpenter who hangs out with fishermen, alcoholics, and prostitutes.” There are quite a few pretend religious and historical entities on Twitter, but most seem to have a hard time staying in character and remaining engaged. @JesusofNaz316 has impressed me…

Actual Pitchfork Media

The Devil’s News

The devil has been in the news lately. As usual. This isn’t a rash of Satan-related news; Satan stories come in a steady flow of lava from hell, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Lucifer is never far out of our collective thoughts. First item: a black mass was scheduled to be performed at Harvard; said black…

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Inequality is Only Inequality When We Say It Is

Papa Francesco recently Tweeted some good words: “Inequality is the root of all social evil.”  The Pope has said a lot for economic parity and against futile materialism and power-grubbing, which is all refreshing.  But what about the Church’s own flagrant inequality? How does this organization maintain a sovereign city-state and get special status at…


Mystics Wanted. Apply at #mystex

In Barbara Ehrenriech’s new book Living With a Wild God, she discusses a mystical experience she had as a teenager that affected the rest of her life in unexpected ways. In honor of KtB founder Jeff Sharlet’s interview with Ehrenreich, published as this week’s feature, we would like to launch the #mystex tag. Have you…

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KtB Religion News Roundup

The AV Club reports that, what with Captain America taking over the box office from Noah, comic books have reasserted themselves as “America’s favorite religion.” Let’s look at the numbers: apparently there are 24 million self-identified comic fans in the U.S.  Number of registered Catholics? 69,436,660. Clare O’Connor writes in Forbes about how some companies…


Anarchy in My Fond Feelings for Jesus Christ Superstar

What would it take to make me not want to see a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar in the summertime? This. Thoughts and Prayers, people, that I am not snatched into a white van, straightjacketed and have my eyelids forcibly propped open to force-witness this abomination while all I can do is “mmmph” through…


Is the Internet Taking Away America’s Religion?

Apparently the Internet is taking away America’s religion. According to data-analyzer Allen Downey, an Olin College of Engineering computer scientist,  a drop in the religiously afflilated correlates to a rise in Internet use. He also cites the “drop in religious upbringing” and “the increase in college-level education” as other factors in the rise of religious-preference-lackers.…


O Lord, Give Me

Found myself uttering a prayer the other day — inspired by Carolyn Browender’s Lenten prayer initiative no doubt! O Lord, give me the strength to lift a thousand million Pintos * In the aural traditions of my people, there exists a tale of a mother who singlehandedly hoisted a flaming Ford Pinto off of her…