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The Ultimate To-Do List

An excerpt from Set in Stone: America’s Embrace of the Ten Commandments.


The Shame Organ

Or, The Summer I Realized That The Grateful Dead Sucks


The Page To Damascus

Not all conversions come with a big shiny light.


What Atheism Really Means

“Lack of belief” in God is not the same as disbelief. Fess up, atheists.


Gym Class Zen

An ode to pain.

Detail from a drawing of <em>Lesende Mönche</em>, a sculpture by Ernst Barlach. All drawings by the author.

What Proofs about God Really Prove

Beyond the yes-or-no question.


Atheists: A Rant

The mere fact of not believing in the supernatural doesn’t make you a well-grounded rational individual, let alone a humane soul.


Ditto Boys

“What they claim, in fact, is innocence.”

Killing the Buddha

Human of Steel

How purist fans survive the wait for the new Superman.

by *Nom & Malc, via Flickr

Single Sister

I wondered if she wanted to leave. If she asks me to drive her away, would I take her?


Home Taping Is Skill in Buddha

We are musicians, sampling his breaks, writing our own songs hundreds of times.


Accidental Gods

“…it is impossible for human nature not always to love something.”


Buying the Body of Christ

How the communion wafer arrived in the capitalist marketplace.

'Samhain Altar' by Denise, via Flickr. Some rights reserved.

A is for Athame

A glossary of terms for dealing with witches.

the fountain [explored] by It's Holly / © Some rights reserved.

Jesus, PI, and the Case of the Liberating Curse

Speaking in riddles and a four-letter finale.

"The Fall of Man, after Hendrick Goltzius" by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com, via Flickr.

Edens Everywhere

It wouldn’t be paradise if it weren’t already lost.

Protest in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, by dbking, via Flickr.


A father assuages his post-circumcision conscience.

Lookalikes of Kate Middleton, Britain's Prince William and Queen Elizabeth stand outside a church during a media event in London. From Reuters.

Prince William Ate My Religion

The royal wedding is a reminder of what’s wrong with Anglicanism.