personal narratives


Kafka in Love

College reunions, marriage proposals, and other trials that make you buggy.

In the running in Manhattan.

Sects and the City, Part 3

If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere: Love in a time of grim reality.


My Bar Mitsvah: A True Story

Today, he is a man. Tomorrow, he’s playing Vegas.

"Michael Jackson belted as The Gnu and I danced in perfect, uncoordinated rhythm."

Dancing Queen

My first date was with the spiritual leader of 6th grade.


Sects and the City, Part 2

Kosher sex and treyf love: Is dating just another way of mixing milk and meat?

Caravaggio: The Sacrifice of Isaac (Detail)

Bunnies, Ducks, and One Great Dane

How Kierkegaard stole my faith.


Sects and the City, Part 1

Candace Bushnell meets Anne Frank in Sex and the City of God.

Poppa needs a new pair of shoes.

Holy Rollers

An after-Christmas story of dice, death, and love at the craps table.


Vow to Bow

A New Year’s resolution to honor Buddha means good exercise for those who keep it — and bad karma for those who don’t.


Waking Up

Zen and the art of running from a crumbling tower.

The World Trade Center, September 11, 2001

The Beginning, or the End?

After 9-11, nothing will be the same — including one mother’s faith.

The author and his mother, 1975

The Many Times My Mother Died

If the body is a temple, what happens to faith when it’s destroyed?


God’s Big Hair

Regarding the Father, Son and Dolly Parton.


Winter of My Disbelief

Baptized in the blood of the lamb, the author smells only the sweet scent of chlorine.

"Hair 2001," by Jeremy Brothers for KtB

Among the Jesus Freaks

Sit-in, pray-in, sing-in, and be-in with the son of a preacher man and a camp of Christian acidheads.