personal narratives



It is the most important spell I will ever cast.


The Niagara River

An excerpt from the novel High As The Horses’ Bridles, published this week by Henry Holt.


If A Jewish Girl Falls into the East River…

…does she make a sound?



“Man’s best chance of finding God is to look in the place where he left him.” —Meister Eckhart


Saint Anthony And Lost Things

Learning the art of losing.


Jesus the Guru

What happens when Christ collides with Krishna?

Brianna Sacks

Taking the Easy Way

American perfectionism, meet meditation.


Leaves of Ash

You forget and then remember: you’re dying.


Waiting For Facts

The shakeup in Berkeley’s Catholic community.

Cancer Cannot.

Doggerel Fails Me

An excerpt from the new e-book Cancer Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude.


My Mama Is a Demon

And I’m totally cool with that.

Killing the Buddha

Cowboy for Christ

Gender-bending love at Bible camp. From Believer, Beware, now available as an e-book!


The Golden Helmet of Jubilation

Loki is my new Beatles, prayer-wise.


Torn Bread

Communion in a woman’s hands.

by isawasi, via Flickr

Crapping My Sacred Underwear

The Lord literally covers the asses of his children.

blank billboard

Your Belief Here

The lack of God in Unitarianism was its saving grace for me.

by muffinbasket, via Flickr

Acts of Faith

I’d think to myself, this time I’ll thank her for taking the leap of faith that led to my birth. But always within a minute of our meeting, she’d say my boots were clunky and I had a bad haircut.

by maorzo, via Flickr

Black Preacher at the Family Reunion

“Do it or I’ll cut your throat,” Kevin said. You thought about it, yelling the word and then running and it would all really just be a game.