personal narratives

"St. Moiras Candle IV," by Andrew Cornell Robinson.

Saint February

From Frequencies: a walk through Brooklyn turns into a credo.

William Stringfellow.


New from Frequencies: William Stringfellow and the God of law school.


Family Tree

All in the Coven


Born Again Rural

How to get found in the woods.

P120012 by peggydavis66 via Flickr

Officer, I Can Explain

Even the law is telling me not to fuck things up.

Animal Altars: All dressed up in the flesh of the dead. By Beatrice Marovich with Krista Dragomer.

Animal Altars

All dressed up in the flesh of the living dead.

"Our Lady of Lebanon" by Rebecca Wilson via Flickr.

Missing Communion

“God liked people who could admit to their total raw fear.”


Lent: Season of Our Hypocrisy

From to-do lists to angels in the wilderness.

"imperial surgical" by D'Arcy Norman, via Flickr.

Faith Healed

Surviving the unwelcome prayers of strangers.

Photo by Rachel Signer.

Failing to Fast

Eating my way through Ramadan in Senegal.

From Scott Clark, via Flickr.

I Laughed When I Saw Him, in Spite of Myself

Learning to lie to your kids.


The Afterlife, The Aftermath

When a grandmother’s ghost says go, you go.

Mike Warnke's "Coming Home"

Wicked Funny

The pseudo-ex-Satanist Mike Warnke and me.

Note to cancer by author.

That’s Cancertainment!

Sexy corpses and smug survivors: cancer gets its own TV show.

Blessed John Henry Newman.

Blessed John Henry’s Religious Opinions

Saints are not literary men.

White skinned male mannequin, lighted from the right side of the image, sitting behind a large shop window. It has strong features, colorful eyes and plastic hair. Behind it there are two other models, another white one and a female mannequin with shiny black hair.

The Reconciliation of Unbelief

A story within the AIDS story.


Is He Dead?

An estranged stepfather’s suicide begs the question.

"people-watching" by left-hand via flickr.

Transparent on High

A maggid’s psychic powers.