personal narratives

Cutting out the middleman.

The Cock Crows

Anne Rice has denied Catholicism, but will it deny her?

Entrance to the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

Sure and Certain Hope

Walking with grandma through an exhibit about death.

Illustration by the author.

Farewell, Little Piece of Me!

Skin-punch biopsies in remembrance of Christ.

"Stone Circle" by clspeace via Flickr.


A new generation, an ancient festival, a spot in the park.

Photo by B Tal via Flickr

Anywhere but Here

Transmigration in the heart of Dixie.

Photo by the author.

Why I Am Not a Mystic

When the love of God isn’t the right kind of love.

"48/365: Ashes To Ashes" by The Cleveland Kid, via Flickr.

For Godforsakenness’ Sake

Another Lenten season. Still not quite believing.

Purgatory, page 1

Para Purgatorio

Stuck in the middle with you.

"Mountains By Night" by Timitrius via Flickr

A Fresh End

He was supposed to go up and never come down.

AWOL Lipstick by pawpaw67 via Flickr

Heathen Color

Lipstick as a means of escape.


The Rosary

Bringing it down to earth.

Original art by Susan Morningstar

Barbershop Dharma

God-breathed, with a little off the side. A new excerpt from the KtB anthology, Believer, Beware.

By JOE M500 via Flickr

There Is No Such Thing as Half

What comes out when a Mormon and a Jew raise a kid?

'infinite lights' by LiveFromAmsterdam via Flickr

Why I Don’t Pray

God just might not be that kind of God.

Small buddha statues at the Oeosa temple, Pohang, South Korea.

Breakin’ It Down

A meditation on ass-shaking.


Exoneration Blues

A call from Crappy Ex-boyfriend spurs a crisis of faith.

Believer Beware

Cowboy for Christ

From Believer, Beware: Gender-bending love at Christian camp.

By kian Elyassi Bakhtiari, via Wikimedia

Stop Looking at Me Like That

In search of the new Muslim woman.