personal narratives


Bedtime Stumblings

Somewhere between Jedi and G.I. Joe, there must be an explanation.

Raphael, Saint Michael and the Dragon, c. 1503 - 1505

The Snake Hunters

You can only fight what you can see.

by bamakodaker via flickr

Christian Dojo

A high kick to the anti-Christian tendencies of an aspiring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Gabriela Camerotti via Flickr


A ferry ride into the fog of Alzheimer’s.

Raphael's "St. Paul Preaching in Athens" (1515).

Totally Evangelical

First Jesus, then Sylvia Plath, then pot. And so on.

"For a kid who struggled with a sense of shame, I’m amazed at how shamelessly I pursued some of these guys."

Second Man on the Moon

Forty years after the moonwalk, a reflection on a childhood obsession for fame, a friendship and one more autograph.

MinusIroner via Flickr

Religious Education

A Catholic mother’s faith made genuine by doubt.


Jesus Is Just Alright

A crack in Kevlar cynicism reveals a time of tripped out mysterium tremendum in Southern California. A new excerpt from the new KtB collection, Believer, Beware.

A Pre-Pubescent Messiah

I Was A Pre-Pubescent Messiah

On my days of divine immortality in Queens.

Not so fast.

Birth Is Suffering

The Buddha named his son “Fetter” for a reason.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin

The Inquisition

Being voted off the Presbyterian island is no fun, even if it’s only temporary.


Ways I Have Been a Bad Meditator

Itch. Sex. Shush!

By roboppy via Flickr

My Big Fat Jewish Pregnancy

One woman’s navel-gazing over the meaning of Jewish life.


All I Ever Wanted

A skeptical vacationer laments the lack of cock fighting at Club Med.


Cartwheels in a Sari

When you grow up cult, you learn to keep your mouth shut.

Images courtesy of the author

Bedlam Backwards: My Haggadah

A family Seder where “Next year in Jerusalem” really means next year in Jersey.


A Hundred Unspoken Rules

Bloodlines bridge the divide between belief and disbelief.

By ashley.adcox via Flickr

Silver Trumpets

The rise and fall of a cussin’ campus Christian rock star.