personal narratives

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Silver Trumpets

The rise and fall of a cussin’ campus Christian rock star.

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Wanderlust and the God of Experience

The seeker’s lifestyle requires a certain set of what most people would call dysfunctional qualities.

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Prayers of a Bird and Boy

A bird. A boy. An impossible pause.


Tea with God

After a lifetime spent looking for God, Sue finally finds him. And he’s pretty steamy.

illustration by W. David Powell


On learning to inhale, and a breeze of insignificance. Another excerpt from Greg Bottoms’ new book, Fight Scenes

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Kung Fu Dharma

The journey from Vipassana to Kickyourassana.

all images by Nathan Schneider

Proof Enough for Me

When the usual proofs for God don’t do the trick, sometimes you have to think up your own.

Fight Scenes


To be a lover and a car thief on a Saturday morn

Photo by Scott Dennis

Invisible Thresholds

Keeping the stars in suspense, based on a grandmother’s wish.

Icon of Saint Simeon the One-Eyed Tanner

Wayward Sheep

More schooled than churched, she wanted to try dying to the self, to grope for the Spirit under the water, and come up in grace. It was more awkward than that.

Photo by Andrew Boyd

Testing the Vows of Celibacy

Scenes from a spiritual bootcamp.

Photo by James Johnston

Church of the Holy Firs

A beet seed. A tiny world. A sphere of possibilities.

Genesis on an egg in the Israel Museum

The Book of Weinstein

Unchoosing the religion of the chosen people


My Skyhawk Guardian Angel

What happens when Jesus is the victim of a hit and run?

Photo by Andrew Boyd

Pilgrimage to Nowhere – In the Beginning

Would an activists’s life have been better spent in the in the lotus position, seeking no-self?

"The bread, I learned, was baked by the people I took communion with..."

Take This Bread

An unlikely convert learns that believing and understanding don’t always arrive at the same time.

Monks in study hall

I Was a Zen Drop-out

When a teacher of Buddhism ditches her practice for motherhood, the real enlightenment begins.

Saint Nicholas

Behind the Santa Suit

Lost in Yonkers with Old Saint Nick.