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"between the sheets" by ***j9*** via Flickr


From Essential Stories: What is the essence of being?


The Passions of Khalifa Hakeem

A cub reporter gets on the bus with the Pakistani big boys.

"Experimental Rain" by アラン via Flickr

The Meaning of Rain

From Essential Stories: Angels are weeping.

The Head of Christ by Warner Sallman

Jesus Saves

The way to eternal life through a dead-ringer for Christ.



An illicit afternoon hike on a sunny day. What could go wrong? A short story from KtB’s new contributing editor.

Marc Chagall, "The Birthday"

Mistress of the Return

An exclusive excerpt from Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter.

Ad in the <em>Jewish Standard</em>

Kaddish Clearance Sale

Just call 1-800-KADDISH, today!

by krandolph via Flickr

The Book of Gershon

The trials—and occasional licentiousness—of a reluctant prophet.

Reflection of the Angel Caido in Madrid, based on the fallen angel in Milton's <em>Paradise Lost</em>

Jack, Jill, Todd, Darren

The truth is on another channel.

Sima's Undergarments for Women

Perfect Breasts

She finds the right bras for the right breasts. In Brooklyn. Underground.

By Dave Nicoll via Flickr

Holy Mother of God

She knows the truth about where God comes from.



Keeping the home fires burning.


Translator’s Note

A lapsed Catholic discovers the magnificent God of his disbelief in a Yiddish library. An excerpt from KtB founder Peter Manseau’s new novel.

"Judaism is not a religion for cowards," he said.


Preaching purity, a man with a mission finds out how messy life can be.

"What was it like to commit suicide?"

Sitting Shiva

Two lovers retrace the scars that brought them together.

"If someone calls you a shell," she asked, "do you think it's meant as a compliment?"


In a church basement support group, the help you find isn’t always the help you’re looking for.

A mosque in Lahore.

The Moderate

A tale of Westernization, lubricated by beer.

"Bump wasn't horseplay, it was physicalized theology..."


A New Testament spin on an Old Testament game.