From the frontlines


On Not Leaving Kashmir

The boatman barely flicked his wrist, yet we moved forward in a terrifically straight line. How was he doing it?

At the edge of the West Bank village of Faqqua, an Israeli soldier watches from the other side of the Green Line. Photo by Bryan MacCormack of Left in Focus.

The Hourglass

What I learned about empire in the West Bank.

Killing the Buddha

Every Place is Khalidiya

A trip to the Damascus grave of Dr. Ali Shariati, revolutionary, as the shelling in Homs, Syria began.

Birmingham Public Library

Bombed-Out Jesus

It’s not until I look at the blank space where his face would be that I see how white he was.

by Caroline on Crack, via flickr

Dear America: Moderate Muslims Exist

And they love bacon, booze, and cookies and cream.

Killing the Buddha

Praying for Ice

Pilgrims in India long for the cold.



Finding words for the ways things happen to one while traveling.


Pentecost in Mexico

The Jesus freak has a certain power to clear a room.


Burning Faith

A Sultan, a mystic, and a volcano vie for power in Indonesia.


Religion Island

Dawkins vs. Sri Lanka, and silence wins.


Three Cemeteries

Supernatural real estate in Mozambique

"shoot the bokeh (bokeh murder)"  by horizontal.integration via Flickr.


An exercise in recreational destruction.

Occupy Wall Street in Washington Square Park on October 8, by Darwin Yamamoto, via Flickr.

Mic Checked

How Occupy Wall Street occupies your heart.

Teddy Club in Haifa. Photo by permission of Janine Sarai.

Black Among Blacks

2Pac and MLK in an Ethiopian Café in Israel.

Photo by the authors.

The Other Protest

Not all the marches in Israel this month ignored the occupation.

Posters of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.


An excerpt from Rag and Bone, in which a soccer-playing Syrian calls Bashar al-Assad a lizard.

From the 2011 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. Photo from the Philly Broadcaster.

Reporter in Transition

Initial reflections from the 2011 Philadelphia TransHealth Conference.

Clouds and light facing west down the Beagle Channel. Photo by author.

The End of the Earth

Bringing the gospel where it isn’t really wanted.