From the frontlines

"'He says you must pray,' the young monk said.
'Pray for what?' I asked..." (photo by jduemer/flickr)

The Temple Door

The daughter of a damaged Vietnam veteran returns to the scene of the crime.

Benedict XVI visits a mosque.

Let’s Pretend

A clash of civilizations, or a failure of the imagination?

Night falls on a Testing Center.

The Choice is Yours

How would William James rate on a Scientology E-meter? An excerpt from the new book, The Devil is a Gentleman.

"I found no Sufis, just confusion."

Searching for Sufis

When you look for mystics in a war-torn land, you might find them hiding right in front of you.

"The images dissolve into each other..."

For God and Country

When an outsider goes to church on the Fourth of July, fireworks follow.

"In Islam, it is not the content of an image that is blasphemous, but the very act of depiction."

The Right to Blaspheme

“God is not mocked,” and other proposed editorial guidelines.

"Pop religion sells."

Brand Name Buddhism

For Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, it’s alright to get a little dirty, so long as you know which detergent will get your karma clean.

Flooded highways in Louisiana

Into the Flood

An EMT drives from Texas to Louisiana to do what he can.

"'Show some respect,' I told myself. After all, Mary is a Jewish mother."

The Only Jew for Miles

An unlikely pilgrim to Poland sees more, and less, than he’d hoped.

A mosque in Lahore.

The Moderate

A tale of Westernization, lubricated by beer.

photo by Gordon Parks, circa 1940

The Singing, Not the Song

In which a godless music fan comes dangerously close to having a religious experience.


Baba, Baba, Everywhere!

God is a Dickhead — conclusive proof from Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible.

Just Wait

Prime Time in Kampala

American-trained evangelicals can be seen preaching everywhere in Africa, even poolside.

The 1954 Milan Indians: “the real Hoosiers”

Waiting for Chitwood

In Brooklyn, Jesus takes it to the hoop.

"Whether it was Ahab's or Jonah's it was too soon to say..."

The Buddha Whale

Hunted to the brink of extinction, the authors look for a place to hide.

"The Angel of the Revelation," William Blake

Hermaphrodite Terrorist Angel

How many holy rollers does it take to pray the devil out of a hermaphrodite terrorist angel?

The Consecration of Bishop V. Gene Robinson

Souls on Ice

In a New Hampshire hockey rink, a gay bishop skates into Episcopal history.

The Abayudaya's Moses Synagogue, on Nabugoye Hill outside of Mbale, Uganda. Photo by Jay Sand, (c) 2003 <em>Scattered Among the Nations</em>

Lugandan Psalms

The Jews of Uganda get an ‘A’ for effort when it comes to atonement. But is that enough?