For Christ Was Born in a Refugee Camp

An icon must be thought of as a divine portal in its own right, charged with the transcendent. That makes it all the more powerful when an icon explicitly condemns a contemporary injustice.

A pair of doves born in our courtyard recently unearthed documents that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt...

The Untold Story of Our Savior

Spoiler alert: He’s not an only child.


Fascism and Art

The bombing of Guernica, and Picasso’s response, 80 years on.


Fallen and Alone in Manchester

A new movie carries the world on its shoulders.


Ahmed Mohamed and the Blessings of God

A day with the unlikely celebrity and his family.



A photo-essay around the edges of worship.


Prayer Hands

Better than kitsch.


Meet Black Judaism

“This is not some sort of act. This is what we do.”

By Sam Kestenbaum

The Rebbe

Scenes from an annual pilgrimage.


Impossible without a body: a song, (breath), and dust

An agnostic daughter redacts her creationist father’s work.


This Is How My Garden Grows

The Communicant’s urban victory.

Beautiful Possibility Title Banner by Alison Pebworth (pictured: Olaudah Equiano, Tahcoloquoit (Sauk and Fox Chief), Olive Oatman)

Beautiful Possibility: An Interview With Alison Pebworth

Got credit card debt? Schadenfreude? The shakes? Maybe it’s Americanitis.

Killing the Buddha


A Peruvian baby is adopted. 32 years later, she returns with her camera.

CHERYL, CHERYL: FRITE OF SPRING, video still, 2010.

American Idolatry

A new exhibition puts pop culture fandom on white walls.

Ryoji Ikeda's "The Transfinite." Photo by James Ewing.

Oh, Infinite Stream of Data and Light

Ryoji Ikeda’s sublime, mathematical awe-machine.


Princess of the Underground

An oil heiress first finds art, then whirls into a Sufi space beyond religions.

Killing the Buddha


Prophesying in the borderlands.

"Nature's Paradise"

Let There Be (the Painter of) Light™

Doubting Thomas Kinkade.