Dante, not a cannibal.

Hannibal Lecter’s Harrowing of Hell

From the Inferno to Paradise with a cannibal pilgrim.

Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto

Princessing Lessons

No need for jumbo-jets full of pre-pubescent sex slaves, Japan’s Great Goddess has arrived.

Killing the Buddha

Mmm, Doughnuts

Looking for an effective way to get your militant evangelical point across? Try fried goodness. They’re holy.

Killing the Buddha

The Divine Economy

Faith-Based Initiative: “Will religion rule the White House, or is Bush offering an IPO of the Lord?”


Zen Mind, Alkie Mind

Lust, Liquor, and Bill W.’s Elegant American Buddhism.

Riders for God

Real Death Angels

Confesssions of an outlaw Christian biker.

This Members of the Moors, a Negro religious group of Chicago, Illinois. By Russell Lee

Old-Timey Timebomb

Michael Lesy’s Long Time Coming is a coffee table book that ticks.

Jew Like Me

Jew Like Me

Undercover in Brooklyn’s mosh pit of piety.


The Pope Converts

When will the Roman Catholic Church come out of the theological closet?



What if every prince or pope who ever stoned or burned the Chosen People had a party in your head?


The Ecumenical Monologues

Call them disgruntled. Call them hysterical. Just don’t call them Episcopalians.

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

Jesus Gonna Strip You Naked

“I had on the hot pants, I said I wuz for sale! But Jesus wasn’t buyin.”

Stained Glass

God’s Own Knowledge

A theology of sex shops, movies, and nothingness may be the biggest thing to hit Christianity since Martin Luther.



“Lecturing to a conference of American monastics, Dr. Luc Clement raises a femur above his head and waves it like a flashlight on a runway.”


The Mucus

Catholics. Sex. Insert punchline here.