Verse and song

"View down on Beacon Hill & Back Bay" by Werner Kunz via Flickr.

A Package Arrives

“We just put it into a drawer, because we had enough to deal with.”

Mount Azazel by deror_avi

Azazel’s Home for Wayward Goats

A Yom Kippur midrash.

"Tipner" by Mark Hooper via Flickr.

The Arrival

“The reeds we used to make our first bed bent easily…”

Photo by CS Muncy.


“People were getting auctioned up on stage but I didn’t see anything I wanted nor did I think I should be for sale.”

"будда 298" by frage23 via Flickr

Sermon Fire

A cut-up/erasure of the Buddha’s Fire Sermon.


Prayers the Gods Demand

For the winter solstice, the gods go betting.

Photo by _Olga_ on Flickr

We Knew Nothing Then

We knew nothing but that we must do as told, that no harm would come to us. We knew we were working towards peace, and we moved everyone off the…

By Gurumustuk Singh via Flicker

Devotion Commotion

The ambivalent state of the acolyte.

By artlog via Flickr

Ash Wednesday Already

How’s a girl supposed to go about mourning in a world like this?

Killing the Buddha

God Saved the World

They’re not who you’d usually expect to meet at a monastery.

Photo by the author

Let All Who Mourn Now Rise

The art of making sounds one doesn’t understand.

"Confronted with the Gospel of John, I could not hide behind metaphor..."

Singing the Passion

A Jewish chorist tries to harmonize with the Gospel of John.

Legionella Bacterium


A prayer before meals—those we eat, and those we are.

"What makes this night different from every other night?"

Sabbath Queen

On Friday nights, God likes to watch.

 "And the sea stopped raging..."  - From Pennyroyal Caxton Press Edition of the Holy Bible, Barry Moser, Illustrator

Thou Celestial Agency

A tempest-tossed excerpt from Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible.

"You sly universal virus with no fucking opinion..."

Prayer for You

How do you get God’s attention? Try sweet talking his girlfriend.


Hold the Fig Leaves

Of grumbling shepherds, forgotten fig leaves and God’s dirty veins.

"Morning's Glory," by Heather Longprè

The Unbearable Lightness of Seeking

In Allegra Goodman’s new novel, a hair-to-her-hips camp counselor gets religion, but never really gets it.