A Sin One Way or Another

Megan from California writes the following in response to Hillary White’s essay, “Cutting it Out”:

I’m wondering if Hillary White is my “less active” (Mormon term for those who have left the faith) doppleganger.  Citing Amistad and George Eliot? Two of my favorites—I think we could be friends! I want to thank her for her thoughtful comments about the Mormon phenomena of editing movies.  She articulated many of the thoughts I have had.  I am a devout member of the LDS church and I like my art undiluted, so I generally just avoid R and many PG-13 films unless they really have something to teach me. I hate watching edited movies since it destroys the integrity of the director’s vision. I think some members substitute application (hows) for principle (whys) since it’s easier to follow a set of rules rather than behave within a broader context of faith and ask “Will I leave this film a better and more thoughtful person, stretched in my understanding? Then it’s probably a good thing.”  That’s why one of my favorite films is Amistad, but I turned something like Year One (PG-13) off fifteen minutes in—watching a movie that stupid and vulgar I’m sure is a sin one way or another.

There’s an interesting article by Bruce C. Hafen called “On Dealing With Uncertainty” that addresses the broader issue of how many Mormons handle ambiguity that Ms. White may be interested in…  Anyway, kudos for the thoughtful discussion sans bitterness, this Mormon appreciates it.