Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Rudolf

Der Wachsblock

A truly magical mystery tour is about to leave Cologne, travel through Croatia, and end up in Vienna. It’s a train journey celebrating the 150th birthday of Rudolf Steiner, who is probably best known in this country as the founder of the Waldorf schools. Do you know any children who are not allowed to watch TV, or pretend not to? Who model things out of hard blocks of wax? Who have faceless dolls and lots of wooden toys? You may have brushed up against the wonder of Anthroposophy, or the “spiritual science” set forth by Steiner in a multitude of works. This train trip has finally made it “possible to extend the travel options in this sense and to set, as a connecting element, a physical Rudolf Steiner Train on the rails to bring together interested people from all over the world, giving them a unique opportunity to follow the footprints of the founder of Anthroposophy in a special way.”

The best part of the Rudolf Steiner Train Tour? The Waxblock. Which will be riding along. Notice the “monumental” perspective in the photo. The Waxblock appears to be ready to put the world in order. Anthroposophical order. It even has its own website, which isn’t translated into English, but offers a lot of great pictures.

I can’t wait for Waxblock updates as the journey progresses. Assuming, of course, that the great wax cube isn’t enthroned too close to the engine room.

Mary Valle lives in Baltimore and is the author of Cancer Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Stupid Attitude: Reflections on Cancer and Catholicism. She blogs on KtB as The Communicant. For more Mary, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.