Another “Dreadful Witchhunt”

In response to Robert Jensen’s “The Inquisition,” we just heard from Sherri Weinberg:

Hello. As you can see my name is Sherri. I am an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand. I have been forced into retirement at the age of 62 because my views did not line up with the more(and increasingly conservative) views of my presbytery. After a dreadful witchhunt that spanned two years ‘they’ finally removed me from my seven year ministry at St Paul’s of Devonport. It was the most dreadful time and I am only just realising how dreadful. I, too, am (now)sitting down and crying and have been since the demise of my beautiful ministry. I was to radical. NZ TV1 did a documentary you may find interesting entitled “an unholy row” which can be seen by googling TVNZ and the above title. I don;t know where to next and appreciated a friend sending me your article. Its good to know my situation is not an isolated incident. Kind regards, Sherri