Atheism in Proper Proportion

Lynne writes to us with an interesting comment.

I am a bit puzzled about the nature of your Blog.  I subscribed b/c I thought your blog would be basically athiest and critical of religion.  The articles I’ve read are pretty much 50/50.  To be candid, I can only handle about 15% pro- to- neutral articles on religion, god etc.

I would appreciate some clarification regarding the purpose of your blog.


I’m not sure I can answer your question right; this kind of mathematics isn’t quite how KtB operates. When we have meetings we don’t really dwell too much on what proportion of what we publish is one thing or another. We do try to cast a wide net and to gather voices from a variety of different communities and ways of thinking. While Killing the Buddha has long been a spot for atheists who find religion to be worth learning about and thinking about, it is not exclusively an atheist site. Our staff includes atheists, but it includes people of other sorts as well, and we tend not to play partisan games. Common interests usually prevail over such differences.

The goal, pretty plain and simple, is to publish exciting and uncommon writing about religion. (Sometimes, this actually means challenging the very distinction between religious and non-religious.) Therefore, if y’all would like to see a higher proportion of atheist writing on the site, bring on the breathtaking submissions. Let’s see what you’ve got.