Bad for the Jews

“Bad for the Jews” is a Jewish thing. It’s what my great uncles and aunts would say when they read about a Jewish serial killer or a Jewish pornographer. “Bad for the Jews” means a shanda, Yiddish for an embarrassment before the goyim, an event or a person that might tragically be taken for representative.

This video, of what seem to be drunken Jewish-American college students in Israel threatening Obama and heaping on racial epithets — while they dance to abominable music — is Bad for the Jews. It’s also bad for the youth, bad for Long Island, bad for college students, bad for cleavage, bad for beer, bad for beards, bad for Israel, bad for humanity — bad, really, for everything in any way related to the toxic cloud emanating from these people’s mouths. Bad, even, for gotcha youtuber Max Blumenthal, whose video was censored by his regular forum, The Huffington Post. Censorship, that’s bad, too. But this video? I’m torn between wishing it and its stars into the void, on the one hand, and with the other pointing and saying, “Look! Look! This is why G-d sent us to Babylon! There will be locusts! There will be lamentations!”

Oh, shit. There will probably just be more morons like me, viralizing this video. I, too, am bad for the Jews.

Jeff Sharlet is a founding editor of Killing the Buddha, coauthor with Peter Manseau of Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible (2004) and co-editor of Believer, Beware (2009). Sharlet is also the author of Sweet Heaven When I Die, (2011), C Street, (2010), and the New York Times bestseller The Family (2008).