Be a Tin Anniversary Sponsor!

Can’t make it to the December 7th Tin Anniversary Spectacular in Brooklyn? Well, there’s still an opportunity to show your support for Killing the Buddha. Become a sponsor of the event, and we’ll send you a KtB book of your choosing. Anyone who gives at the Brahmin level or above will be listed in the program book.

We have great hopes and ambitions for continuing to improve KtB and make it financially sustainable. So far, we’ve operated as an all-volunteer organization that has steadily produced first-rate literary pieces, grown its community, expanded its project work, held retreats for strategic planning, and respectably competed—in quality and content—with similar sized organizations operating with a full-time paid staff. As an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (read: tax-deductible), we are poised to reach the next level in our evolution. We believe there is a strong need for us to maintain our stalwart presence in the religion-media world, but our staff needs to reach sustainability and our contributors deserve to be compensated for their exemplary work.

The first $100 of gifts $100 and above will be matched by one of our donors, so yours would count double.

You count on us day after day, week after week, year after year, and—now—decade after decade. Can we count on you?

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Host Committee

Paul Morris and Quince Mountain, co-chairs
Nicholas Boggs – Kira Brunner Don – Melvin Bukiet – Timothy Don
Cindy Daignault – Michael Hudson – Brigid Hughes – Kathryn Joyce
Lewis Lapham – Alane Mason – Rick Moody – Ann Neumann –
Danica Novgorodoff – Pat Olezsko – Stephen Prothero – Frank Schaeffer
Larry Smith – Rob Spillman – Darcey Steinke – Michael Vazquez

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