Buddha-Killing on the Radio

Yesterday, while tooling around at the bottom of your radio dial, maybe you chanced to hear our very own Scott Korb on NPR’s Talk of the Nation discussing his new book, Life in Year One. (Hear him read from it at a recent KtB event.) There are some really great exchanges:

JASON (Caller): Hi. Thank you. Yes, I teach a class here in Colorado and we were actually discussing the musical “Hair,” and there’s a line in one of the lyrics about Jesus’ hair and led to the discussion of him being a hippie. And we were talking about that. And I was wondering what the history of hippies or non-conformist was in the first century.

Mr. KORB: That’s interesting—that’s an interesting question, the non-conformists. I thought you were going to ask me about Jesus’ hair.

Hear the whole interview at NPR. Buy the book.