Clothesline Revival

Alyce B. Obvious is heading up a green revival and, if you act soon, you can be ordained leader of the Church of the Obvious.

The average American household that gets its electricity from a coal-fired power plant burns an average of 78 lbs of coal in an average month of laundry-drying using an electric clothes dryer. The USE HALF NOW MIRACULOUS SOLAR POWERED LAUNDRY DRYING APPARATUS CLOTHESLINE REVIVAL 10.10.2010 is aimed at raising awareness of the inefficiency of electric driers, and inspiring citizens in the United States and beyond to take pride in, and have fun with, using an old-fashioned clothesline.


The 10.10.2010 CLOTHESLINE REVIVAL is an open-source idea—anyone who feels the call can become a community REVIVAL LEADER and receive a FREE ORDAINATION CERTIFICATE from the CHURCH OF THE OBVIOUS, signed by the HOLY MOTHER OF BATHSHEETS herself.

To receive your certificate, send an email to alyce at containing the following information:

1. Your name with preferred prefix (“Sister,” “Reverend,” etc.)

2. The name of the town or region where you intend to preach the CLOTHESLINE gospel.

3. A brief description of your intended 10.10.2010 REVIVAL festivities.

4. The e-mailing address where you would like your certificate sent (in order to conserve resources, I will email your personalized certificate as a .jpg which can be printed on half a sheet of paper).

For more information, join Alyce on Facebook at the Use Half Now Campaign. Also, be sure to check out Alyce’s supermarket where you can order your own radical laundry drying apparatus, among other things.