CNN’s Demonic Attack

Since I first wrote about Washington’s most exclusive religious club, The Family, and its prayer breakfast movement, I’ve often been scolded by political centrists who insist that the National Prayer Breakfast and its spin-off events are mild-mannered, ecumenical affairs, far removed from the fundamentalism of the fringe. There are countless counter-examples, but here’s one that just came across the transom from a Family prayer breakfast organizer writing in response to Sarah Palin’s resignation. I’m posting it in its entirety:

In the past when we help the State Legislators put on a Prayer Breakfast at one of their Annual Meetings we have been able to get Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates to share at the Prayer Breakfast event. They have been very positive and eager to help out, if at all possible. Because they are already attending it saves us the travel, housing and honorarium expenses.

When Gov. Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak at the upcoming American Legislative Exchange Councils Annual meeting in Atlanta, (see I called and wrote and e-mailed the Governors Office (over a 3 month period) about she or her husband, Todd, speaking at the Prayer Breakfast event.

Her office has been professional but noncommittal over the months and recent news explains that something is going on. Our legislative Leader Sen. Nething of ND encouraged me to move on. So, I did, asking Former US Senator Sam Nunn (D) of Atlanta.

In her defense, we have no idea the pressure and demonic attack good people suffer when they seek to step forward and stem the tide of evil politically. That is why we’re commanded to Pray!! 1 Tim. 2:1-4. Notice in those verses that the salvation of individuals within a populous is related to a leadership led by God.

Well, now it is a week away from the 4 day convention and we have no speaker. Please Pray!

The good news is that the Georgia Legislature has a prayer breakfast group in their Senate and House. I have been working with them on providing leadership for the Prayer Breakfast at the Convention. The Convention of Legislators are from all 50 states, and some other countries. Since the convention is in GA, the host State, we have asked the Georgia Legislators to take responsibility for the Prayer Breakfast event, and they have gladly done so.

Jeff Sharlet is a founding editor of Killing the Buddha, coauthor with Peter Manseau of Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible (2004) and co-editor of Believer, Beware (2009). Sharlet is also the author of Sweet Heaven When I Die, (2011), C Street, (2010), and the New York Times bestseller The Family (2008).