Come to Us, Little Booklings

Killing the Buddha is almost ten years old, and we’re planning a party. More about that soon. Right now, we’re not as interested in our baby as in its cousins and pals—we’d like to make a list of (and promote at the party) all the books related to KtB. Some are offspring—our first pamphlet, Lydia Conklin’s The Living Cain, and our two books, Killing the Buddha and Believer, Beware. Others are just real friendly, such as Bia Lowe’s Splendored Thing, several pieces of which we were lucky enough to publish on KtB. But KtB really gets around, so we suspect there are some distant relations out there we don’t even know about—books that began with or detoured through an essay for Killing the Buddha. If you wrote one of those, will you let us know? Or, if you’ve been a frequent contributor over the years and have published an unrelated book that nonetheless sprang from the same foolish impulse that led you to write for KtB, let us know about that, too. We want to sing your praises. Because doing so makes us look kinda good, too.