Disappoints So Good

Jon Lennon likes our book! That’s right — the new, improved h-less Lennon, who also goes by the handle “CheeseLordComics.” Which is cool, because just Cheese Lord likes us, we happen to like cheese, and John Lennon, and, if we met him, probably Jon Lennon, too.

Reviewing Believer, Beware on Amazon — which nobody else but our pal Frank Schaeffer has done, despite the fact that we sold out our first print run — Cheese Lennon warns potential readers of false advertising — and then forgives us our sins and recommends the book anyway. “Not an atheist screed!” he warns. “Which is disappointing because that’s what I thought I was buying. Believer, Bewarer was still an excellent read.”

Hear that, atheist screed seekers? You won’t be disappointed. Well, you will, but then you’ll be glad. Believer, Beware: Disappoints So Good. Buy it now.