Dying for USA Today

USA Today‘s Faith & Reason blog has caught the deathy-essay-contest fever:

Got time to kill? How about crafting an essay on death for a contest where the prizes include publication in a magazine that celebrates lives lost in obituary ruminations?


Contest rules suggest you tour the exhibit in person or on line for inspiration (and besides, one of the prizes is a year’s free entry) before crafting your essay examining death in “the form of memoir, rant, reflection, obituary, profile, political commentary, or even an annotated recipe.”

(Hmmm. I’m thrown by that recipe concept…It makes me wonder about the killer recipe for elderberry wine in Arsenic and Old Lace…)

That’s right, this is your cue to read more about this contest (which we’re co-sponsoring with Obit magazine), get thee to the Rubin Museum of Art, and write to us about impending demise. Winners will also get the chance to take part in a special reading event at the Rubin. Entries are due by July 1.

Thanks to our friends at The Revealer for helping spread the word!