Fear of God, Love of Armpits


Imagine riding New York City subways in the heat of summer…with an armpit fetish. Such is the fate of Samuel. Meet him and others who seek the services of Mistress Josie, a vegan dominatrix in “Den of the Dominatrix,” a new piece by Maria Smilios just out on Narratively. Here’s a taste:

Samuel is a shy Hasidic Jew with sad blue eyes and a lisp, who has an insatiable desire to be smothered in her armpit. At 27, he is married with six children, and has a rabid fear of God, but none of that prevents him from seeking relief for a fetish which, as he has told Josie, “is on [his] mind all day long.” Twice a week, during his lunch hour, he slips away from the family business and meets Josie in a midtown dungeon. Unlike some other Hasids who wear street clothes to visit dommes, Samuel prefers to wear his traditional garb—the clothes, she points out, are symbols of his transgression, pushing the fantasy into a psychological realm. But despite his longing for sexual prowess, his actions show otherwise—“he undresses so slowly, never looking up, and he’s constantly fidgeting, crossing his legs, trying to hide his body, which is really white and skinny and hairless, like a kid. I feel bad that he’s so scared, but he wants to do it, so we do it,” she says.

The faithful in his boxers and yarmulke, beside a wall of S&M equipment, the prominent landscaper hog-tied into a footstool, and more. Read it here.