Funny Ha Ha

Two people wrote to tell us that Alexander Zaitchik’s review of 2012 got them laughing.

Terry Christlieb from Texas wrote:

Well, even though the movie sounds as awful as I guessed, I at least got a few minutes of laughs from the review. Some good lines in there, even if the target is too easy. Nevertheless, I am going to take my son to the pic tonight, I know the visuals will fire his imagination for awhile, and I guess that is worth something.

And then, Robyn Carr from Burnt Hills, NY:

Funny thing happened on the way to noon today. I read this review. Why is I love reading pans better than raves? Why is that these crap fests for which millions pay $10.50 for two hours of bad dialogue and rotten stories? Because the world will end soon for real and we just want to not be as sad for leaving. Thanks to Alexander for making me laugh today. It’s gets harder each day, especially living in New York State.

As big fans of the Empire State ourselves, we wonder what about it makes laughing so tough—still waiting to hear back from her on that. Gotta love her opening lines though. Thank you all for reading and enjoying. Your encouragement (together with your generosity) keeps us at it.