Ganesh Has Many Arms

The Buddha loves a good story, no matter what form it’s in. Lately, you may have noticed, we’ve gone all multimedia on you. For today’s dispatch, senior editor Nathan Schneider wielded cameras before Reverend Billy, and we produced —in house!— a video supplement to his great Religion Dispatches report.  Kiera Feldman and Josh Nathan-Kazis unsheathed microphones at events for the “pro-Israel” advocacy group Fuel for Truth. Cartoonist Kayla Placencio made pen-and-ink art of her prayerful past, in the first of an upcoming series. And even you got in on the game, sending us photos of your altars, which we wrangled into a proprietary slideshow, courtesy of our favorite interaction guru, Maria Mendez.

Great writing is still what matters to us most. But, undaunted, we head out across the multimedia wilds in search of salvation. As our submissions page points out, “we’re particularly eager to improve our audio and video offerings to lift our readers from their seats.” Your move.