Getting Biblical at St. Mark’s Place

Buddha-killer Becky Garrison alerts us to two events of possible interest to NYC-area readers:

Those looking for a sacrilegious way to celebrate Purim might want to check out the Horse Trade Theater Group’s Production of Jewqueen This holiday party promises to offer up a slap-dash celebration of the biblical Book of Esther featuring Little Lord’s rough and ready collective of shiksas, queers, and misinformed Jews. The show runs from March 17th-April 2 Thursday through Saturday at 8pm with a special Purim Eve performance on Saturday, March 19 at 5pm. Ticket information here.

On April 22, St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery, located at second Avenue and 10th Street, kicks off their tenth anniversary celebration of the Good Friday Blues.  Led by hip-hop pioneer Jeanine Otis, this service features an ensemble of musicians who have performed on Broadway and around the world. This year will include a full New Orleans funeral band, as well as the return of many musicians who have played in this service over the years. This service of music, spoken word, meditation and Eucharist from the reserved sacrament begins at noon and ends at 2pm though the music continues playing until 3pm. People are invited to come and stay for as little or as much of the service as they like. Be warned: the house gets packed, so show up a bit early if you want a good seat.

Becky will be at the Purim eve performance of Jewqueen and the Good Friday Blues, so stop by and say hi.