Happy Darwin Day

We got a request this week to do something to celebrate Darwin Day here at KtB. Nothing was really planned, but it does give us the opportunity to do a little ruthless self-promotion. KtBnik Nathan Schneider has a new essay at Religion Dispatches that, in a Buddha-killing spirit, celebrates Darwin by toasting the creationists:

[Darwin,] You know I love you. So I hope you won’t mind if I take the occasion to toast the other side of the Pandora’s Box you opened, the side that may be feeling a little battered today: the creationists. They’ve worked hard over the last 150 years since your Origin of Species came out, and because they’re still alive and you’re not, why not celebrate you by celebrating them?

Read it at Religion Dispatches and discuss it at Nathan’s blog, The Row Boat.

Also be sure to check out our friend Becky’s “Happy Birthday Darwin” at the Sojourners blog!