Heretic’s Bible Still Turnin’ Heads

Publishers’ studies tell us that human eyes on the cover of a book make sales, but something more interesting is catching the eyes of the critics over at Book Cover Archive. They just chose Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible, the first book to come out of this site, as one of the top ten covers of the soon-to-end-yet-still-to-named decade of the ’00s. OK, technically, it was the runner-up for the top book cover design of 2004, which makes it more like in the top twenty, but still. Nice work, Paul Sahre.

Prove 'em wrong. Buy this book.

Prove 'em wrong. Buy this book.

We still love it, too. That X. So definitive and meaningless. Those clouds. We could be anywhere. On a Tibetan peak or the top of the Empire State Building or lying on our backs, breathless, in the center of the Barringer Crate in Arizona.

Of course, who are we to object to the publishers’ scientific inquiries? If the eyes get you, then I guess you’ll just have to surrender and get the second book to come out of the Killing the Buddha reliquary. Or see what else the KtBniks have produced in their spare time. Or plaster that X on your forehead or your eco coffee mug. Hmmm, and those holidays are right around the corner….

Prove 'em right. Buy the book.

Prove 'em right. Buy this book.

And don’t ask us who blue eyes is. He’s our boy toy we keep in the basement and only bring out for photo shoots.